Investor Relations

Supervisory Board Westwing Group SE

The Supervisory Board of Westwing Group SE advises and monitors the Management Board in its management of the Company. In this regard, the Management Board informs the Supervisory Board regularly, promptly and comprehensively about all matters of importance to the Company. All decisions that are of fundamental importance to the Company are aligned with the Supervisory Board.

Christoph Barchewitz (Chairman),

Christoph Barchewitz (Chairman)

Christoph Barchewitz is the Co-CEO of Global Fashion Group. Prior to that, he was Investment Director at Kinnevik, and worked as investment banking professional at Goldman Sachs.

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Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler  (Deputy Chairman),

Dr. Antonella Mei-Pochtler (Deputy Chairman)

Antonella Mei-Pochtler serves as Senior Advisor to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and as head of the think tank “Think Austria”. Before that, she was a Senior Partner and member of the Executive Committee of BCG as well as its global media & entertainment sector head.

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Michael Hoffmann,

Michael Hoffmann

Michael Hoffmann works as self-employed management consultant and supervisory board member. Prior to that he was CEO at Lekkerland and CEO at Carl Zeiss Vision. He serves on the supervisory board of Telefónica Deutschland.

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Mareike Wächter ,

Mareike Wächter

Mareike Wächter is a Co-Founder and Managing Director of BANOVO GmbH. She has relevant expertise in the field of eCommerce and the digitalization of traditionally traded products, gained firsthand in her current role as well as before at Planet Sports.

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Susanne Samwer,

Susanne Samwer

Susanne Samwer is currently finance director for HZG Additive Manufacturing Tech Fund, Coburg. Susanne Samwer distinguishes herself through extensive and long-standing experience in the areas of financing, investments and corporate transactions as well as auditing. Her professional activities in the field of investment banking and consulting for eCommerce companies enhance her competence profile. Additionally, her specialized knowledge in accounting and auditing deserves special mention.

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